Our Team

Consisting of carefully selected specialists in every division throughout the organization, our goal is to maintain an assurance given to our stakeholders which is preserving an exemplary quality. Maintaining a work-friendly, homely and motivating, organizational environment, helps us achieve the above aim with relative ease.


We are privileged to be the sole Organization to be awarded the ISO (International Standards Organization) 9001:2000 quality management system certifications internationally and the SLS (Sri Lanka Standards Institute) certification in Sri Lanka.

Raw materials produced in our factories and/or imported are screened according to a strict criteria to ensure that the end product is of the utmost quality. Finished goods are thoroughly tested to preserve quality while focusing on safety, health and eco- friendliness through production and application.

Well constructed, flexible methodology and information systems are utilized in the areas of production, warehousing, operations, research and development, and distribution.

Production power

The muscle to manufacture lies in our four factories, where the production process takes place, one in Matara and three at the Ekala Industrial Estate with its own Alkyd Resin Plant, producing raw materials for paints and a variety of tin canisters, respectively.


The focus of our effort, internally and externally, is, on the following three main factors,

  • Safety - in production and its application

  • Health - producing non hazardous products, by extension, caring for our personnel and most importantly, our customers.

  • Environment - manufacturing products which are eco-friendly, re usable and recyclable.

The focus on the above has enabled us to use multiple marketing strategies to serve the needs of our customers and dealers Island-wide.


The base of our success is partly the efficiency and pragmatism of our technology. Appropriately-equipped, high-tech laboratories facilitate and support our new innovations. The entire organization is seamlessly integrated with IT facilities thus permitting us to stay ahead of the competition while adapting novel trends. One such innovation implemented currently is our Colour Master.


We are privileged to present a technical center for the first time in Sri Lanka where valuable services are offered free of charge island-wide. Professional consultants are readily available to comply with your requests, be it a simple task of assisting you to repaint your home to complex architectural design-related issues.