Industrial and Occupational Health

We have a health policy therefore it is Concern policy as an employer to provide the following:

  • Safe work practices, a safe work place and safe access to and exists from the work place.

  • Adequate emergency plans.

  • First aid facilities.

  • Plant and equipment which is safe and without risk to health.

  • Appropriate health and safety information, instruction, training and supervision.

  • Adequate welfare facilities and a safe and healthy environment.

  • Consultation with employees on matters of health and safety, as appropriate.

  • Induction for all new employees on health and safety procedures/standards.

  • Regular risk assessment of work places and documented results, with corrective action taken when necessary (managed by the relevant Health and Safety Officer.)

  • Record and investigate accidents.


Concern is committed to ensuring the well-being and safety of all personnel in its places of work. Both Management and employees are responsible for ensuring safety in the workplace. It is the duty of every employee to :

    • Take reasonable care of their own health, safety and welfare and that of any other person who might be affected by their acts or omissions while at work.

    • Inform their Manager of any work situation, which presents an actual or potential threat to safety, health and welfare.

    • Report all accidents /incident and near misses to their manager.

    • Complete an Accident Report Form (available from the Health and Safety Officer) for all injuries sustained.

    • Assist concern in complying with its statutory duties under safety laws.