Industrial and Occupational Safety

Our Safety Policy aims to realize quality products while safeguarding the environment and prevent accidents in the working environment.


The design and operating procedures has been so developed that it enables the safe handling, operation and upkeep of plants. However, so far no major accident has taken place. The built in Safety has been the prime factor while selecting the equipments, processes etc. Standards codes of practices are being followed seriously during the erection, modification etc.Some Safety relevant components are mentioned below :-

  • Use of relief valves, rupture discs, explosion vents of adequate sizes with proper testing. Checking of these safety relevant components are done in every annual shut down.

  • Automatic control valves, solenoid operated quick shut off valves are installed to control any sort of emergencies.

  • Alarms, sensors, relays, trip systems have been provided.

  • Proper training, disclosure of information related to Safety rules / procedures have been given.

  • Appropriate operating procedures, manuals etc. are implemented since inception.

  • Flare stack for burning of vent gases like Ammonia, Natural Gas and Naphtha Vapours have been provided.

  • All the statutory requirements are being fulfilled and followed.